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Changelog 8/12/20

  • Restored original skeleton models in vanilla zones

Classic skeleton models restored in launch/vanilla zones. Grab this file and extract the contents into your Everquest game directory.

Be sure to backup your original files in-case you want to revert the changes and or play on another server; where these files would be incompatible.

Updates files: Resources/GlobalLoad.txt, gequip5.s3d, ske_chr.s3d

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Changelog 9/6/17

  • PoP era spell levels updated
  • Many classic spell particle/animations restored
  • Spell file created for The Prime Healer

Grab our custom server files here. Save your current spells_us.txt file by renaming it spells_us.txt_orig or similar before extracting the contents of the zip into your main EQ directory.

This file will help more closely replicate Planes of Power era spell levels and particle animations. Still a work in progress, (you will see some out of era remnants) but this is a big improvement over the stock live like updated spell animations and new-spells every level approach of later expansions.

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Changelog 8/28/17

  • Fabled NPC’s removed
  • Miscellaneous out of era items removed

Fabled NPC’s were added to the game on or about March 16th 2004 and as our server runs through, but not beyond The Legacy of Ykesha expansion* the Fabled’s were very out of place.

*the following expansion “Lost Dungeons of Norrath” launched 9/9/2003

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Changelog 8/14/17

  • Continued work on populating original Lavastorm NPC’s, roughly 75% complete (pathing 35% complete)
  • Removed LDoN NPC’s. Actual camps remain for now
  • Disabled Adventurer’s Stone “A mysterious voice whispers to you” messaging
  • Added buff-bots to Butcherblock & Qeynos (note these additions are temporary)
  • Locked zones post Legacy of Ykesha expansion
  • Removed all Defiant Armor drops from database
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Changelog 8/2/17

  • Reverted Lavastorm to original map (please ensure you have the original file in your maps folder)
  • Updated zone lines for zones adjacent to Lavastorm
  • Populated static NPC’s for Lavastorm (roaming mobs work in progress)
  • Enabled Bots (work in progress, 5 spawned bots max)
  • Manstone now drops again
  • Box of Abu-Kar has a 1% chance to drop from any 35+ level mob
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Changelog 9/25/16

  • Initial launch
  • Reduced experience gain (vs. default eqemu settings)
  • Added spell autoscribe
  • Increased out of combat mana regen
  • Added buff bot to PoK
  • Reduced XP loss from death
  • Added buff bot to Gfay near Crushbone
  • Restored various classic loot drops
  • Reduced NPC stats by 35% 9/19/16
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