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Everquest Leveling Paths

When I level up a new set of characters I try to make a journal of the class make-up and zones visited. I started doing this as it occurred to me I was  taking the same level path again and again, and wanted to break that habit.

Group #1 (Main Group)

Shadow Knight, Bard, Cleric, Shaman, Druid and Necromancer


Filed of Bone, 1-9

Kurns Tower, 9-13

Everfrost, 13-17

Permafrost, 17-30

Lower Guk 30-38

Sol B – Nagafen’s Lair 38-50

Karnor’s Castle 50-51

The Hole 51-52

Held at 52 to AA farm (Prepping for Nagafen & Vox)

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