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Bots come to The Prime Healer

Bots have come to The Prime Healer. If you’ve never played with bots here’s your chance to play EQ a whole new way (at least for now…) Read more in the forums

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Translocator & Buff Bot Live

Translocator & Buff Bot now live next to Jera the Soulbinder in the Plane of Knowledge, look for more useful NPC’s in other zones in the coming weeks.


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Roadmap 1.0

Planned Changes/Revisions

Long term goals include tuning the current play experience to raid most content with 24 characters (including bots if necessary). This will be a lengthy process as all revisions will need to be play-tested. First up Nagafen, Vox, Gorenaire etc…

How long will it take?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? Or in other words, hard to say, more than a few weeks; less than a few months for the first round of changes. That said, no reason to let that stop you from creating a character and trying out the rest of the server, there’s plenty to do and see before the dragons.

Game Play Changes

  • Change adventuring level cap to 65
  • Restricting content to Vanilla through The Legacy of Ykesha expansion
  • Remove Defiant Armor ( rem...
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Bug Tracker

Please reply to this post to report bugs, anomalies or anything else that grinds your gears about the server.

Please be as descriptive as possible including, zone, client (Titanium is the prefered client) and what steps are needed to reproduce the problem.

Known Issues

  • Casting some spells from the Resurrection line may cause the recipient’s client to crash.
  • Deleting certain items may cause the recipient’s client to crash.
  • Trying to claim certain AA’s before 51 can crash client. (Workaround, wait until 51)
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The Prime Healer Server Rules

  • 2-box maximum, no exceptions.
  • The preferred client is Titanium
  • 3rd party tools/plugins are permitted (MacroQuest 2, WinEQ2, ISBoxer etc.) but no active hacks. Respect the other players around you while using these tools.
  • No silly character names, sever admin decides what’s silly or not. Hint, don’t bother creating Leeroy Jenkins here.
  • Be nice, or be somewhere else.
  • Fair warning, this is a hobby and we treat it as such, do not expect GM assistance for trivial matters.
  • These rules are subject to change.
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