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Rain of Fear (RoF2) client now supported

The Prime Healer now supports Rain of Fear (RoF2). There was a time when Titanium was the obvious choice for a classic’esque experience but with continued tweaking and support from the community, the pros now outweigh the cons in RoF2’s favor.

As with any discussion of clients for emulated servers, file changes are necessary for proper functionality. We recommend the following:

  • A clean RoF2 client in a new directory, this will help ensure files/settings for other servers are unchanged.
  • This file pack, overwritten into your new RoF2 directory for play on The Prime Healer.

Optionally, rename or backup the files contained in the with .bak, .old, etc., so they can be reverted later if needed.

Consider RoF2 support in beta for the time being but we’ve been ...

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